If your car has the shakes, it is very likely that one or more of your wheels needs balancing. Unbalanced wheels not only make driving difficult but they can create bald spots on your tyres, permanent vibration and uneven tyre wear. Balancing your wheels is part of the general maintenance every car requires and mechanics generally recommend balancing all four wheels every 10,000Km.

You may need to balance your wheels if any of the following is happening to your vehicle:

  • You have had new tyres fitted recently.
  • Your car shakes at certain speeds.
  • A tyre has been removed from its rim and replaced.
  • Even a small amount of irregular tyre wear can be seen.
  • Your steering wheel has unusual vibrations.

Balancing your wheels and keeping them balanced will increase the life of your tyres, steering and suspension systems and maximise fuel efficiency.

Through general use as tyres wear, the distribution of weight around the circumference of the tyre becomes uneven, causing the wheel to become unbalanced eventually, even if the wheel was perfectly balanced to start with. An imbalance of as little as 30 grams can cause a noticeable vibration at 100 Km/h. No matter how bad your vehicles case of the shakes may be, we are confident that we can bring it back to balance.

Our technicians balance your tyres as part of our fitting service whenever you buy a new tyre. New tyres may look round and even, but there are weight variations around its circumference that must be corrected for.

When you take your car for a wheel balancing, the mechanic will test your vehicles wheels one by one and measure the degree and location of any imbalance. To bring the wheel back into balance, a small weight is fixed to the rim of the wheel to balance the weight distribution. This results in a smoother, safer and less tiring ride as well as lower fuel bills and longer lasting tyres.


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