If you’re looking for a group of wheel alignment technicians and tyre dealers that understand your needs, you’ve come to the right place! TYREPRO & Mechanical provide quality automotive solutions to our customers and we have maintained this high standard for many years.

Having the correct wheel alignment is important when it comes to the safety and the lifespan of your tyres and wheel alignment can be altered by simply hitting a pothole or having a suspension fault or any number of other reasons.

Having your wheels out of alignment can result in irregular wear on your tyres, low fuel efficiency and extra strain on the driver. These factors can contribute to driver fatigue, so it’s very important from a safety perspective to have your wheels well aligned. Give yourself peace of mind and bring your vehicle into our workshop for friendly and fast wheel alignment service or call us to speak to our wheel alignment technicians at TYREPRO & Mechanical today.

If any of the following has happened you may need your wheels re-aligned

  • Have you felt your car resisting your steering?
  • Do you feel like your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other?
  • Have you had new tyres fitted recently?
  • Have you had any suspension components replaced?
  • Have you hit something on the road such as a pothole or curb?

If you think your vehicle’s wheel alignment is not right, bring it to our workshop for an inspection. Our experienced technicians will check your wheel alignment using the latest technology as well as the condition of your suspension components to make sure your vehicle is safe.


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