• Premium Luxury Touring
  • Optimum Ride Comfort
  • Attractive Styling
  • Last up to 80,000 kmx
  • Solid All-Season Performance
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  • The Touring LSR is Mastercraft’s premium luxury touring tyre designed for drivers of passenger cars, minivans and small SUV’s who want high mileage, optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling in a touring tyre.
  • Guaranteed to Last up to 80,000 kms
  • The Touring LSR is Australia’s only car tyre with a mileage warranty that ranges from 60,000 to 80,000 kilometres. See chart below to find out the mileage warranty available with the tyre size for your car.
  • Touring LSR could give you 3 to 4 times more mileage
  • More proof that Mastercraft tyres will give you more mileage is on the sidewall of the tyre. Treadwear is one of three UTQG ratingsfor drivers to compare the quality of different tyres.  The higher the treadwear rating, the more mileage you could get from the tyre.
  • The treadwear ratings of original tyres fitted to Australia’s top selling cars were compared to Mastercraft’s LSR.  For example, the original tyre (205/65R15 Dunlop SP Sport 300e) fitted to a Toyota Camry has a treadwear rating of 240, compared with 780 for Mastercraft’s Touring LSR.


  • Stability Control
  • All Weather Tyre
  • Aqua Channels
  • Ventless Moulding
  • R-Tech Construction
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  • Maximum wet and dry handling.
  • The Courser HSX has long lasting tread and a 60,000km protection warranty.
  • Orbital grooves provide efficient water evacuation.
  • Positive cornering and better handling in all driving conditions.
  • A dependable all-season tyre offering premium ride comfort.


  • Premium All Terrain
  • Increased Traction
  • Quiet Ride
  • Solid Centre Rib
  • M+S Rated
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  • High density tread block sipes increase the effectiveness of gripping edges for dependable traction.
  • VT2ech optimised tyre profile provides favourable balance of wear and handling characteristics.
  • Increased traction and a quiet ride without sacrificing ride comfort.


  • Aggressive Off-Road Performance
  • Enhanced Stone Drilling Protection
  • Increased Traction
  • All Terrain Tyre
  • 5-rib Thread Design
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  • True all-terrain tyre that delivers a progressive 5-rib design.
  • Designed to handle tough conditions, with superior handling and traction.
  • Wider zig-zag shaped circumferential grooves provide traction and grip in sand and dirt.
  • Guaranteed to last 50,000kms


  • Mud Terrain Tyre
  • Self Cleaning Design
  • Excellent Off-Road Traction
  • Consistent Performance
  • High-Void Tread Design
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  • Durable and dependable off-road traction in tough terrains.
  • Wide should grooves between the outer tread blocks allows the tread to be easily self-cleaned.
  • Aggressive large surface area tread blocks and upper sidewall design provides extra grip on the road.
  • Guaranteed to last 40,oookms