• White Sidewall Styling
  • All-Weather Tread Pattern
  • Durable Rubber Compounds
  • Optimised Tread Void
  • Polyester Steel Carcass
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  • A smooth white stripe of stay-bright rubber compound creates a sidewall style in tune with today’s vehicles.
  • Squared-off tread elements form an effective pattern of distinct gripping edges for year-round traction. Wide circumferential grooves and lateral grooves promote excellent wet traction by channelling water out from the contact patch.
  • Rubber compounds used throughout the tyre are formulated for durability and performance. The combination of tread stock and tread pattern delivers even wear and excellent mileage.
  • Tread void, created by grooves and sipes, is greatest at the centre of the tread to aid traction, then decreases gradually toward the shoulder area for overall, even tread wear.
  • The combination of low-stretch polyester cord plies and strong steel cord belts forms a durable tyre body.


  • Performance Tread
  • Even-Wearing Design
  • Quite Ride
  • Optimised Tread Compound
  • T Speed Rating
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  • Improvements in treadwear and handling have been achieved with this new performance radial by redistributing the void ratio for increased tyre-to-road contact.
  • Shoulder slotting is also designed for resistance to irregular wear while providing solid, all-weather performance.
  • Pitch sequence has been optimised to reduce tread related tyre noise for increased consumer riding comfort.
  • A delicate balance between all-season traction capability and excellent treadwear has been achieved in this new radial.
  • Low-stretch polyester plies along with strong steel cord belts provide tough tyre body for excellent durability.


  • Quiet Riding Design
  • Four Circumferential Grooves
  • High Spine Density
  • Even-Wearing Design
  • Solid All-Season Performance
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  • Quiet Riding Design The 5-rib, all season design employs a computer enhanced sound quality system that optimises the tread patterns pitch sequence for a quiet ride.
  • Four Circumferential Grooves Designed to propel water out and away from the tread contact area, the grooves combine with the high sipe density and variable shoulder slots to help provide superior all-weather traction.
  • Even-Wearing Design A notched centre rib, along with a refined tread element shape, helps provide even treadwear. Shoulder slotting is also designed for resistance to irregular wear while providing solid, all-season performance.