• Smooth Quiet Ride
  • Safety, Comfort & Performance
  • Low Road Noise
  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern
  • Outstanding Grip
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  • Engineered to deliver an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride in any condition Turanza tyres deliver safety, comfort and performance, elegantly blended into a tyre representing driving luxury.
  • For the ultimate in ride comfort and low road noise the Serenity Plus is designed for luxury performance sedans and small to medium cars.
  • With luxury touring in mind, the Turanza T001 was developed featuring advanced noise reduction against environmental noise while maintaining a comfortable ride.
  • The Turanza ER300 was developed as a touring tyre featuring an asymmetric tread pattern, providing high-level balanced performance and outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Combining a high level of performance with an extremely smooth, quiet ride, the Turanza ER33 is original equipment (OE) on many prestige vehicles.


  • Amazing Control
  • Ultimate Performance Tyre
  • Sporty Handling
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable Ride
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  • Potenza is the stand alone ultimate in performance tyres. Delivering amazing control and responsiveness in the wet and dry, these tyres are perfect for passionate drivers.
  • The ultimate performance tyre has to be the Potenza S001.
  • The sports driver in you will be satisfied with the Adrenalin RE002.
  • For an incredible driving experience for sports car drivers and enthusiasts the Adrenalin RE003 delivers the goods.
  • The Potenza RE050 is designed to meet the demands of prestige vehicle manufacturers incorporating dynamic sporty handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.